Evil Little Monsters on Your Facebook Page

angry dudeOk, I’ll be honest…I like a little bit of low-grade drama every once in a while.  A lot of people do whether they like to admit it or not – which is why the reality show, Cops, has always been a popular one.  But I definitely think there is a time and place for drama and it shouldn’t involve your Facebook fans or your Facebook wall.

As a Facebook Page admin for your business, you have a responsibility to your fans to put an end to drama should it arise.  This has less to do with stamping out legitimate negative complaints and comments from frustrated fans and more to do with removing the “crazy” from your page.  Because let’s face it…some people are just evil little monsters.

Here are a few things these evil little monsters love to do:

  • Make baseless accusations about your business and attempt to win sympathy from other fans.
  • Continue to rant about poor service despite your efforts to reach out to them and make things right.
  • Use profanity on your wall or post inappropriate material.
  • Make offensive comments / joke about things that are serious in nature.
  • Post abusive / hateful comments directed at Page admins or Page fans.

You can help prevent this type of activity by having a strong set of house rules for your page that everyone on the page can access and read.  This is typically done via a customizable Facebook canvas page.

What you should do about monsters

First of all, remember that Facebook Pages are common places for people with legitimate complaints about their experience with you to voice their complaints.  This is normal.  Just because they’ve posted something negative about your business, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for drama.  So always remember to be 100% courteous towards your fans and reach out to offer your assistance.  Whether you decide to delete their negative post is your prerogative but current best practices in online community management discourage deleting genuine, honest negative feedback.

If you have a fan who’s behaving like an evil little monster, like what I’ve described in the bullet points above, you may need to do some enforcing of your community guidelines.  This can include removing specific comments or even banning some users from the Page.  For instructions on removing comments and users, see Facebook’s help section banning users

As always, we love your feedback and would love to hear how you’ve dealt with “evil little monsters” on your Facebook wall.  Share your stories below in the comments area.
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