Using Yahoo!Answers for Ideas on Web Content and for Online Reputation Management

Have you ever asked Google a question? When reviewing web analytics, keyword phrases often show that web users are entering questions in the search field, rather than just search words.

Asking Google a question

These search results often render sites that contain content relevant to the words in the question, but you will also often see Yahoo! Answers listed, as shown below.

Yahoo Answer search results

Yahoo! Answers is where users go online and ask any type of question they want. Then it's posted for someone to log in and answer. So if you need ideas for fresh, relevant content, this is a great place to look!

Oh what, oh what can I blog about today?

Let’s say you are a dentist and you’re struggling to think of things you want to write about on your blog or website. Each question in Yahoo! Answers gets categorized. You can simply search or browse categories to find “dental” type questions to see what folks are asking!

Yahoo Answers, Ask

For example, if you look for “toothaches” or “sedation at the dentist”, you can see what some concerns people are facing, and cover those topics on your site or blog!

Questions in Yahoo! Answers

Just look at all the questions out there! This is great fuel for good web content!

Look at Mr./Mrs. Smartypants!

So now that you are on Yahoo! Answers, this is your opportunity to be a subject matter expert! Who is more qualified to answer questions about a toothache than a dentist? So have at it! Keep in mind- you only have to be a Yahoo member to answer a question- it doesn’t matter if you actually know what you’re talking about or not. But, users can rate their advice. So soon after providing good answers for your curious audience, your answers will start to bubble to the top and you will be rated well.

Participating in Question and Answer sites and forums is a great way for you to share your knowledge, therefore improving your reputation online by giving you or your business more credibility- and allowing you to reach a bigger audience!

You also have an opportunity to set up a profile page. So this is - a great place to plug your business. This way, if someone wonders, “Gee, who gave me that great advice?”, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about you and your business.

Yahoo Profile

Yahoo Profile

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