3 Ways to Be Awesome

Don’t you get sick of teasing headlines, like “Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off” just to find out the magic solution is the obvious things you knew anyway? For example: “1. Get Active, 2. Reduce your sugar intake, and 3. Use Portion Control when eating!” Thanks Dr. Oz, we kind of knew all that, but that’s hard to do…so we were kind of looking for more options.

Well, here is my “3 Ways” list for you this week-“3 Ways to Be Awesome…Online”. Hopefully I’m not just stating the obvious!

1. Get Active. Participate in the online experience. Just having your site live isn’t enough. Read forums, discussion boards, the reviews people are putting online about your and other businesses, and provide input when you can. Getting involved will not only help improve your online presence overall, it will give you great ideas for new and interesting topics to post on your website to start bringing traffic in!

2. Reduce your sugar intake. You want your website to be interesting and professional. But always think about your web visitors. Make sure your images and content are not just all just “fluff”. Make sure that your site is meaningful to the user; the words and graphics you choose must make sense to the user.

3. Use Portion Control. Content is good for your site, from text, images and videos. But with anything, too much can be a problem. Too much media can slow your website’s load time. Having your site pull up slowly can negatively affect your search engine rankings and cause your visitors to leave your site. So make sure that as you add to your site, it’s not expanding your waistline.

Ok, so it's that simple, now get out there and be awesome! Happy Friday everyone!

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Charity Mason
Charity Mason is the WebPlus Product Manager at TeleVox Software and an editor on Beyond The Site. You can follow her on both Twitter and Linkedin.
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  • Jeannine Griffin
    Thank you Charity, I really like the analogy. I am sure Dr. Oz also mentioned that in order to get the results you need, sometimes you have to do what is necessary, even if it is hard to do. And good and long lasting results take hard work and time.
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