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I have to say that here at TeleVox, I’m pretty comfortable. I have a nice comfy chair, a computer that doesn’t give me problems (most of the time), and lots of surface area for all my junk. I even have a Mac set up in a small conference room / studio for all my recording and video editing. The one thing I don’t have is a good image editing tool like Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, TeleVox has always been… Read the rest

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The content is arguably the most important piece of your website. After all, how do you convey the important aspects of your business or practice without the content that delivers that message for you? One of the most useful types of content on your site is the text that fills your pages. Not only does it give you the platform to communicate your ideas and provides your site with “crawl-able” text for search engines, it also provides you with… Read the rest

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Let’s face it – not every business has the luxury of a Marketing department. In fact, many small businesses pretty much have to make do with either old content they’ve submitted to their web designer when their website was first built or pre-made content that perhaps came with their web design package. Still many small businesses have “under construction” pages up because the website went live before content was ever created.

When it comes to getting found online, whether it’s… Read the rest

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When it comes to a website, it’s important that you keep your visitors in mind when making decisions on design elements and the type of content you place on the site. Sometimes businesses can get bogged down in the details about who they are, what they represent, that sites can often become ego-centric. This can often leave your visitors frustrated because the communication with them took a low priority to personal brand, professional jargon, or thematic whimsy.

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First of all, why is this important? Well the easy answer is that obviously, as a website owner or blogger, you want to discover avenues that can bring people to your website or blog. Your goal is to increase website traffic for searches that relate specifically to your content. One avenue that often gets overlooked is image search. Lets go over a few things you might want to pay attention to when adding new images to your website or blog… Read the rest

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