I would flash my sparkly rock at you, you could gasp and with tearful eyes, give me a warm congratulatory hug, if that is really what I meant, but it’s not. You know here at TeleVox, we are all about patient engagement, and engaging our TeleVox community as well. And I am excited that TeleVox has successfully been in the blog-o-sphere since March 2012, with Engage, the official TeleVox blog. It’s time we join forces! So it is… Read the rest

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Last week I blogged about how to use your practice website and social media, not only as a marketing tool, but as a means to have a deeper connection with your patients. I would like to elaborate on this.

While I was pregnant with my daughter…at 36 (“advanced maternal age” ha-ha) I was in a constant state of worry. Every change I detected would cause me to think, “IsRead the rest

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When we speak about marketing and a practice’s website, it is often about the acquisition of new patients. But there are many medical practices that have more patients than they can shake a stick at, therefore they see no need for having a website or participation in social media. If you are one of those practices, I would like to provide you with a second opinion. There… Read the rest

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When the Zombie Apocalypse was mentioned in the House of Commons

Hey, at least they’re on top of it!

Hacker Warns of Zombie apocolypse

Looks like the hackers are on top of it too.

Abbott And Costello 13 X 7 is 28

This is an old one but it’s been a hot item on Reddit lately. I LOL'd

Dog drives to the Park

This isn’t our first driving dog video… Read the rest

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As I sit here at my desk pondering the mysteries of life (kidding), I think about just how much I use my phone.  As if it’s really even a phone anymore.  It’s a texting, Facebooking, Twittering, Pinteresting, emailing, video watching, and website browsing thing of beauty.  I use it far more than I do my MacBook.  Only because it happens to be with me more often than my MacBook… Read the rest

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It’s time again for the Friday Recap! For those of you who are new to Beyond the Site, welcome! About every week I search from some of the most interesting viral videos on the web that have been gaining popularity over the last few weeks. Why? Because we believe you guys should be reposting content like this for your fans to enjoy…but sometimes it’s not always easy to break away… Read the rest

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I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday.  It was at 5:15 in the evening.  When I arrived to the office, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  I was the only one in the waiting room…waiting to see one of the best doctors I’ve ever come to know.  I could go on and on about why I think she’s a great doc and why I would recommend… Read the rest

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Website owners, in general, are a diverse bunch.  Some are smart, savvy business owners.  Some are stay-at-home moms and dads.  Some are too busy to pay a whole lot of attention to their website.  Others devote almost every waking hour to perfecting it.  There is no specific “type” that website owners fall in to.  But as diverse as you guys are, there are certain… Read the rest

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Giant Squid Caught on Tape for First Time

Kind of like catching Big Foot on video. I wouldn’t want to encounter this bad boy.

Dolphin Stampede Overtakes Whale Watching Boat

It’s no surprise this video has had over a million views. People love dolphins…my sister-in-law included.

Compressorhead Ace of Spades

Who doesn’t love a robot? I particularly love Johnny 5. This is a full robot… Read the rest

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Remarketing ads are creepy but cool if you’re a business looking for a second chance to appeal to the website visitors you had who left your website without taking a specific action.  That means the gorgeous Polish pottery salad bowl I successfully talked myself out of buying online is now mysteriously appearing on all of these various websites.  How in the world does dealbook.nytimes.com know that I like that I like… Read the rest

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